You make the business.

When the right people get together, they can change the world.
Works' mission is to help connect the right people to the right businesses much more efficiently than ever before.

And choose wisely.
About us
We want to live in a world where employees and employers are building their future together and are equally invested in the process. In a world where you choose how your days go and you enjoy your choice.

That's what we're focused on: giving both companies and candidates choice. Choose not just a job, but a career, system of values you support, coworkers who will become your friends. Choose not just employees, but a team you can count on.
What we do
Works is an online platform that changes the recruitment process for both companies and candidates.
Our team of specialists is devoted to inspiring change that leads to personal and business growth.

In Works, you'll find:
Sophisticated system for connecting the ideal candidate with his or her ideal employer and position--not just based on professional qualifications, but also on personality traits.
Optimized, multi-media business and candidates profiles that allow you to 'sense' that a person or a job is what you're looking for right away.
Intuitive functionality for finding and filtering candidates and job opportunities with just a few clicks.
How we got here
We are the founders of Works: Plamen Yanev, founder and co-founder of multiple businesses in the FMCG industry; and Georgi Ivanov, HR professional with 10+ years of experience and co-founder of WaysHR.

Works is inspired by our desire to solve the so called problem with the lack of human resources, which for us is a problem of connecting the right people with the right companies. We believe that there are both great people and great businesses out there -- there's just a lot of noise around them that prevents them from finding each other.

So we cancel out the noise, focus on what's important and give you ways to find what you're looking for faster and easier.
How to use
The Works platform is completely free for job candidates. Companies can also use the basic features of the platform for free.

To take advantage of the Works' functionality, create a Candidate Profile or a Business Profile, then simply follow the steps. Don't ignore the pop-ups with tips you'll see as you're filling out your profile-- they're there to ensure your profile is optimized for opportunities.