Constantly building, forever evolving - we are all about that growth. Striving for perfection in our work, we can't stop looking for new elements, studs and people that would fit perfectly in our dynamic  (and we really mean it when we say it) everyday life. 

By offering a new and unusual solution that little by little destroys the established model of attracting people, we cannot be ordinary ourselves. That's why our job offer is a little different. We are currently looking for an experienced Art Director to join our team and help us create the best.

We don't offer a 9 to 5 job or stand in an office, we're looking for someone to fit into our team, contributing their talent and desire to solve problems using advertising. A person with clear goals who not only has a plan but also knows how to make it happen. We will do our best to achieve it. That and much more.

Работна среда