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About us

Etem is a leading aluminium extrusion company in Southeastern Europe, a business unit of Viohalco. Founded in 1971, it is a fully integrated designer and producer of architectural systems and aluminium profiles for industrial applications. With a global network and facilities, it guarantees the continuous and uninterrupted delivery of quality products to global customers. Etem’s objective is to design and produce products that help people improve their everyday living in a residential, commercial or professional environment. With a continuous focus on innovation, investments in infrastructure equipment and a dedication to the training and development of its people, the company offers a range of systems for facades, doors and windows together with aluminium profiles for practically every use. These are energy efficient products that are recyclable beyond their operating lifespan. Etem group’s operation and development follows the international standards of Corporate Responsibility, recognizing the need to be active in the support and development of local communities, to provide a safe working environment for its people and to invest in the protection of the environment.